“Art makes you think. Art gives you pleasure. Creating art is an opportunity to understand and satisfy yourself and be well.” Dr Nayreen Daruwalla, Programme Director for Prevention of Violence against Women and Children, SNEHA, Mumbai

Parallel Session Block 1B


Monday 21st June, 11:00 – 11:50  

Parallel Session Block 1B

The 1B Parallel Session Block has a choice of 8 break-out sessions to choose from. For Speaker Biographies, please go to Airmeet:


1B1 Panel: Cap O'Rushes - process and participation

Q&A to explore the process of collaboration creating ‘Cap O’Rushes’, premièred at this year’s conference. Insights and discussion from the three inclusive ensembles, the composer, choreographer and filmmaker. The panel will share their interpretations of the folktale, their creative exchange, along with their practical approaches to working inclusively, and, in the current circumstances, remotely, where health and wellbeing underpinned the whole process.

Tessa Marchington

Cevanne Horrocks-Hopayian

Tom Hobden

Kate Flurrie

Clarence Adoo

Miguel Angelo Conceição

Francisco Canteiro

Lucy Warren

Siobhan Clough Violin

Alex Amos

1B2 Country Panel: Reframing Care with Creativity: Perspectives from Singapore

Policy changes in health and social care and creative and culture initiatives have emerged in Singapore in the past decade as part of an effort to promote a healthy society. This panel features leading organisations and individuals in the cultural, health care, social care and art sector. With case examples, the panel will reflect on the notion of care. It will offer an opportunity to examine the cultural nuances of practices in Asia, and to explore similarities and differences.

Michael Tan

Alicia Teng

Tan Hwee Ping

Moses Sia

Lee Sze-Chin

Charmaine Tan

1B3 Workshop: Singing for Health: Practice and Research

In this workshop you will hear from Singing for Health practitioners and researchers in Ireland and England. They will talk about their own work in the context of the latest developments in Singing and Health practice and discuss issues pertinent to the field of practice and research with delegates. You will have an opportunity to experience a singing for health activity.

Dr Hilary Moss

Elizabeth Helitzer

Emily Foulkes

1B4 Workshop: Creating a Sustainable Musical Care Culture in Care Homes for Older People

A workshop on Live Music Now’s Live Music in Care work to create a sustainable musical care culture in care homes for older people. Including film clips, a live demonstration, an oral presentation, and a discussion to encourage workshop participants to contribute their ideas, experience, and knowledge, we will discuss how music can nurture and support a musical care culture and how the practice can support and impact on relationships between carers and cared for and between musicians and carers.

Douglas Noble

Sarah Davis

1B5 Research: Population Studies in the UK and Nordic countries

How do arts activities affect health? A review and multi-level theoretical framework of mechanisms of action using the lens of complex adaptive systems science. Fancourt, D. et al.

How can everyday creativity be conceptualised from qualitative studies of adults engaging in home-based arts. Mansfield, L. et al.

Arts and culture activities as public health promotion in Scandinavia. Jensen, A. & Torrissen, W.

Dr Daisy Fancourt

Professor Louise Mansfield

Anita Jensen

Wenche Torrissen

1B6 Practice: Dementia Stories

My Dementia Life Matters is a Photobook Project with Black, Asian and Ethnic Minority communities living in London who share their stories of living with dementia.

Ellie Robinson-Carter

Ronald Ferguson

David Truswell

The Power of Story film project captures the unique experiences, life stories and thoughts of people engaged with the Psychological Medicine and Mental Health of Older Adults and Dementia Operations Directorate, South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust. Supported by the Maudsley Charity.

Helen Shearn

Debbie Featherstone

1B7 Workshop: Umunthu, using indigenous philosophy and participatory arts to promote health access in Malawi

The session explores how Art and Global Health Center Africa is using Umunthu, the pan African philosophical concept of humanity, through artistic methods to instill the perspective of humanity (Umunthu) in health service provision- particularly the inclusion of LGBTI people. The interactive session will use different art forms, and facilitators will share their experiences using arts to open conversation on sensitive topics in different contexts.

Helen Todd

Rodger Phiri

Chisomo Liwimbe

Delroy White

1B8 Workshop: Collaborating with hospital staff, artists and performers during a pandemic

Performing Medicine provides arts-based training programmes for healthcare professionals and students, with a focus on staff wellbeing, compassionate care and effective communication. Covid-19 presented a radical moment for the team to adapt their approach and develop new courses focused on non verbal communication in corona times - including working in PPE and presenting and consulting online. In this workshop you be introduced to the work of Performing Medicine and develop some practical skills in non-verbal communication and self-care.

Hazel Holder

Suzy Willson

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