“Art makes you think. Art gives you pleasure. Creating art is an opportunity to understand and satisfy yourself and be well.” Dr Nayreen Daruwalla, Programme Director for Prevention of Violence against Women and Children, SNEHA, Mumbai

Parallel Session Block 1D

Monday 21st June, 15:10 – 16:00 

Parallel Session Block 1D

The 1D Parallel Session Block has a choice of 8 break-out sessions to choose from. For Speaker Biographies, please go to Airmeet:


1D1 Workshop: Experimental Drawing Workshop for Staff Wellbeing

This workshop was created in response to the pandemic to encourage mindfulness for doctors. Participants will create drawings using the blind contour technique incorporating three creative sources: direct observation, the mind’s eye and the intuitive subconscious. Learning to see through your sense of touch is the essence of contour drawing, the workshop will aid participants’ visual literacy and help with language, communication and interaction. You will need a quiet space, drawing materials of your choice and a mirror.

Emma Barnard

1D2 Research Workshop: Key findings from the Community COVID research project

The Community COVID research project with people with lived experience, in partnership with Arts Council England, Voluntary Arts, Culture, Health & Wellbeing Alliance, NHS Personalised Care, National Academy for Social Prescribing, and Natural England, aims to understand how people experiencing lockdown, self-isolation and shielding, engage with community resources. We will provide an interactive overview of key findings and use a creative experience as a mechanism for exploring these findings.

Professor Helen Chatterjee

Mah Rana

1D3 Panel: Socially-inclusive Music-making – the Art of Equality, Diversity and Wellbeing

Some of the pioneers of this century’s ground-breaking emergence of socially-inclusive music ensembles share their international insights. The concepts of diversity, inclusion, health and wellbeing overlap, depend on each other and enjoy mutually beneficial relationships with culture generally, arts particularly and music especially. Here we find an expanding landscape in which music can define its new creative frontiers, determine its wider role in building a healthier, more equal society and derive future fulfilment for its composers, performers and audiences.

Ian Ritchie

Clarence Adoo

Cevanne Horrocks-Hopayian

James Rose

Evelina Charlie Larsson

1D4 Practice: Connecting with People in Hospitals and Care Homes during the Pandemic

The new world of Applied Theatre in British Care Homes: An insight into the reshaping of Applied Theatre in relation to the impact of COVID-19, UK Government Policy and Care Homes.

Gerogia Bowers

With You: Trigger’s innovative digital service supporting isolated patients by bringing voice messages from friends and family on a playable audio track.

Sarah Murray

Angie Bual

Together with Music: IMM’s national campaign in partnership with Care England to lift spirits through intergenerational connections and sharing music during lockdown.

Charlotte Miller

1D5 Practice: Singing and Voice

Evolving and adapting the Sing to Beat Parkinson’s training model during the global crisis: exploring the challenges, benefits and limitations.

Matt Shipton

Sound Voice and Britten Pears Arts: a collaboration between those affected by motor neurone disease, Parkinson’s and laryngectomies and multidisciplinary professionals.

Phillipa Reive

Martin Birchall

Hannah Conway

Delivering Singing for Breathing online to support people with chronic lung disease during the Covid-19 pandemic: A service evaluation at the Royal Brompton Hospital.

Rosie Watters

1D6 Research: theoretical contributions

Music as eudaimonia in a time of uncertainty. Boyce-Tillman, J.

Towards a shared understanding of cultural well-being. Huhtinen-Hildén, L. & Salonen, A. O.

Visual Arts as a Window to Brain Function and Impairment. Roche, R. A. P. et al.

Laura Huhtinen-Hildén

Richard Roche

1D7 Films: a:dress Women, Fast Fashion & Climate Justice and The Lasting Benefits of Random Acts

The Lasting Benefits of Random Acts: A documentary about Random Acts in which 436 filmmakers, aged 16-24, led short-form film projects, showcased by Channel 4 and toured nationally. Unexpectedly, the focus became mental health and identity.

Jane Hearst

Julie Colman

a:dress Women, Fast Fashion & Climate Justice: A film presentation using a ‘subversive catwalk’ to raise awareness of the practical and emotional impact  on women of the fast fashion industry and climate crisis.

Leah Thorn

1D8 Workshop: Kicking Up Our Heels

In this workshop, we will share the methods and findings from the ‘Kicking Up Our Heels’ GOSH Arts project in Great Ormond Street Hospital in 2019 and 2020. The project encouraged families of patients to think about their own self-care. In this interactive workshop, you will be gently encouraged to think about your self-care through an experiential re-sharing of the original project with an opportunity to reflect on your own ideas and strategies for wellbeing. Please have pen and paper to hand.

Susannah Hall

Brian Lobel

Emily Underwood

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