“What an amazing and wonderful and special conference you have organised and delivered. A real privilege to be there today to see such calibre and commitment to health and wellbeing from all your colleagues – inspirational!” Previous conference delegate.

Parallel Session Block 2D

Tuesday 22nd June,  14:00 – 14:50 

Parallel Session Block 2D

The 2D Parallel Session Block has a choice of 8 break-out sessions to choose from. For Speaker Biographies, please go to Airmeet:


2D1 Workshop: The Building Blocks of Wellbeing for Children and Young People

This interactive workshop supports those who devise and deliver creative wellbeing programmes for children and young people, to increase the impacts of their projects. It provides specialist knowledge about children and young people’s development, and other influences on their wellbeing, to understand why the work is so important, and how to make it even better. It aims to harness the ‘superpowers’ of culture and creativity, to create the best possible outcomes for children and young people.

Elaine Burke

2D2 Research and Practice: Co-creation and co-design with people with Dementia


Co-designing remotely: Insights from the Culture Box project. Zeilig, H., et al.

Co-creativity, wellbeing and dementia: Theoretical contribution. Zeilig, H., & West, J.


The power-dilemmas in a co-creative practice with a person with dementia: a presentation on a 12 month long artistic co-creation between a man living with dementia in a nursing home and the artist and researcher, Eli Lea.

Julian West

Hannah Zeilig

Professor Victoria Tischler

Eli Lea

2D3 Workshop: Urban Design for mental health and suicide prevention in NI

Urban Scale Interventions apply design-led thinking to mental health issues in the places we live and work. Starting in Derry/Londonderry, reimagining 6-miles of underutilised and divisive riverfront with cultural and social interventions, the work has led to a global Safer Public Spaces Network, with over 50 cities looking at creative approaches to improved mental health. In this workshop, we will explore codesign approaches, working with citizens, experts and those with lived experience.

Jak Spencer

Mura Quigley

Ralf Alwani

2D4 Research and Practice: Sustainable development and funding for the arts, culture and health


Integration with the medical industry: strategies behind the sustainable development of arts-for-health practices. Hearst, J.


Working with communities on creative inclusive cultural programming: case studies from charitable Trusts: Community Leisure UK members manage over 1100 cultural facilities across the UK

Role of funders in mobilising arts and creativity to improve wellbeing: Well Newcastle Gateshead Arts Fund, one of the ten Well North pathfinders.

Jane Hearst

Jennifer Huygen

Mark Mulqueen

Mihirini Sirisena

2D5 Research and Practice: Dementia and Museums in Singapore and Canada


Art With You (AWY): Evaluation of an art museum-based virtual tour programme for persons living with dementia. Jiang, W., et al.

"What connects us~Ce qui nous lie": A mixed methods participatory and intersectoral project for building community for persons living with Alzheimer's and their carers. Park, M., et al.


Art Links Connect Us: Collaborative Research on Arts Programs for People with Dementia and Awareness Building: a presentation from the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.

Marilyn Lajeunesse

Weiting Jiang

Melissa Park

Tom Valente

2D6 Country Panel: Finland

From grass-roots activities to national policies: towards sustainable development of the Finnish Arts & Health field.

Meeting the needs of promoting sustainability and power for the emerging professional field of Arts and Health in Finland by Master level education at Turku University of Applied Sciences.

Art-based eco-social pedagogy as part of the school system: Towards a more empathic connection with oneself, others and more-than-human world.

Liisa-Maria Lilja-Viherlampi

Taina de Carvalho

Liis Laitinen

2D7 Country Panel: Perspectives from Italy on Cultural Welfare

In this panel you will hear about the Cultural Welfare Centre in Italy which is creating a new idea of welfare for the restart of the country, a strategic alliance between Culture, Health, Education and Social sectors and presentations on:

"L'Arte della Libertà": an art based care model for the prison, Elisa Fulco.

Performing arts and Health promotion in the North West of Italy, Alessandra Rossi Ghiglioni,

"Sistema Musei Toscani per l’Alzheimer (MTA Network): goals and actions", Chiara Lachi

Alessandra Rossi Ghiglione

Elisa Fulco

Chiara Lachi

2D8 Country Panel: Netherlands

This panel presents a Dutch government program to increase opportunities for diverse groups to engage in culture from 2019-2024. It is a cross sector approach reaching both artistic and welfare goals and we already see inspiring projects, new collaborations and local governments rethinking cultural participation. We also have challenges with the combination of different sectors in policy, practice and funding. The pandemic delayed some activities but also made clear what art brings to our lives.

Andrew Peter Greenwood

Marlies Tal

Suzan Lutke

Wim Burggraff

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