“What an amazing and wonderful and special conference you have organised and delivered. A real privilege to be there today to see such calibre and commitment to health and wellbeing from all your colleagues – inspirational!” Previous conference delegate.

Parallel Session Block 2F


Tuesday 22nd June,  16:30 – 17:20 

Parallel Session Block 2F

The 2F Parallel Session Block has a choice of 8 break-out sessions to choose from. For Speaker Biographies, please go to Airmeet:


2F1 Practice: Living Experience

Bit crazy: an experimental film: Dr Lorna Collins will discuss psychosis, hallucinations, flashbacks, the arts and writing, from lived experience.

Breaking the Fall: a trilogy of experimental documentaries created by Emily Beaney in collaboration with her mother, about the reality of managing long-term illness at home.

60 Pounds of Pressure is a performance created in the early weeks of the pandemic in Texas, in response to a young nurse who was found dead at home with her 4-year old by her side.

Dr Lorna Collins

Emily Beaney

Sarah Sudhoff

2F2 Workshop: Incorporating Lyric Analysis into Self-Care Practice

During COVID many frontline staff and organizations noticed a rise in compassion fatigue. Music Therapy is an allied health therapy which can support people of all abilities, ages, and cultural backgrounds. Lyric Analysis promotes diversity through incorporating cultural or traditional music. This workshop will provide an introduction to Lyric Analysis and you will learn how to incorporate it into your self-care practice with examples of songs to analyze and a template outlining the process.

Fleur Hughes

2F3 Workshop: Therapeutic Beat Making, Trauma and the Educational Applications of Hip Hop

Current school and therapeutic interventions lack cultural, linguistic and developmental relevance and do not take into consideration popular, Hip Hop or youth culture. This workshop will present Hip Hop music and culture, and specifically beat making, as a powerful tool for treating trauma and other mental health issues in regulating stress response, building community, and in effectively engaging and teaching youth. Interactive aspects will guide you in the basics of beat making activities.

Dr Elliot Gann

2F4 Practice: Staff wellbeing in the time of COVID

Drawing our Experiences – Using Creativity to Facilitate Staff Wellness during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Dr Heidi Edmunson

‘Sidestep’: A virtual creative space for staff at a Child Sexual Abuse Unit at Crumlin Children’s Hospital during Covid-19: Claire Flahavan and Emma Finucane

Weekly Wellness Virtual Programming to Support Pediatric Oncology Staff during COVID-19, Texas MD Cancer Centre Children’s Cancer Hospital: Zachary Gresham.

Zachary Gresham

Emma Finucane

Dr Heidi Edmundson

2F5 Research and Practice: Homelessness, addiction and recovery


The Intersection of Art and Pedagogy in a Co-creation Project with Homeless Men. Learning to Deal with Unpredictability. Trudel, M.


Exploring the effectiveness of the arts to promote wellbeing and to prevent burnout of health professionals working with people in recovery from substance misuse and dual diagnosis. Nuccia Cammara

New Note Orchestra, the first ‘recovery’ orchestra in the world designed to support people in recovery from alcohol and drug addiction. Molly Mathieson.

Mona Trudel

Molly Mathieson

Gaetana Nuccia Cammara

2F6 Research: Dementia and objects

The art of expressive objects making old people´s weak agency visible and supporting cultural democracy. Laakkonen, R.

The use of objects to generate relational stories in research interviews. Novy, C., Thomas, R., Gifford, W., Grassau, P.

Riku Laakkonen

Christine Novy

Karen Gray

2F7 Workshop: Leveraging the Competencies of the Health Education Specialist for Arts and Public Health Partnerships

Building partnerships between universities and community-based establishments can communicate the value of the arts to wellbeing. One method is creating projects for students on Areas of Responsibilities and Competencies that define the role of the Health Education Specialist: needs assessment, planning, implementation, evaluation, research, advocacy, communication, leadership, management, ethics, and professionalism which all have commonalities with arts-based programming. We will share strategies for partnership building from the University of Minnesota Duluth.

Amy Versnik Nowak

Ladona Tornabene

2F8 British Council Panel

Chao Tayiana Maina

J.P. Singh

Nikki Locke

Patricia Navas

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