“I firmly believe that the arts can assist in addressing a number of difficult and pressing policy challenges including ageing, long-term conditions, loneliness and mental health. The arts can help keep us well and be part of creating a healthy society. The time has come to recognise the powerful contribution they can make to our health and wellbeing.” Lord Howarth of Newport

Parallel Session Block 2H

Tuesday 22nd June,  18:40 - 19:40  

Parallel Session Block 2H

The 2H Parallel Session Block has a choice of 4 break-out sessions to choose from. For Speaker Biographies, please go to Airmeet:


2H1 Listening Circles: Death and Dying

Facilitated listening circles for 5 people at tables in the Social Lounge. This is a chance to reflect on and share thoughts about death and dying. Tables will be labelled. Please join at 18:40 and commit to staying for 1 hour.


2H2 Panel: "Do we help to sedate, or to activate?" Arts, Health and Social Justice.

Drawing on this quote from Helen Norman’s 1992 article: From Social Abuse to Social Action, Viv Gordon, artist and survivor activist, will discuss with the panel the potential for the arts to make systemic change; how to move from addressing ‘private symptoms’ to taking ‘public action’; the social/economic/political context for individual suffering; and the role of people with lived experience in leading change.

Viv Gordon

2H3 Workshop: The Ambassadors: Speak, Move, Shift: Remaking the Stories

Lucinda Jarrett, Melanie Pappenheim and Ambassadors from the Stroke Odysseys project will share a short performance made online with our ambassadors during lockdown and explain the processes of co creation for people living with the effects of stroke and brain injury. We will work together with the workshop participants in a co-creation session and share the outcome in real time. This workshop will help you understand how co-design and co-creation can work online.

Lucinda Jarrett

Joe Dowd

Melanie Pappenheim

Jen Chandler

2H4 (NB 18:40-19:10 ) Workshop: The Splendid Hut

The Splendid Hut is a baroque chapel in a small black hut on a boat trailer. It explores grief’s resolution process through film and the rich and exuberant detail of The Hut’s interior decoration. Inside The Hut there will be film and a sound score that share the message that hope and delight will return after dark times. This session will introduce you to The Splendid Hut with a short film that will re-create a live tour of The Hut. Artists, Melanie Young and Caroline Schanche, will discuss their creative process and take questions from the audience.

Melanie Young

Caroline Schanche

For Speaker Biographies, please go to Airmeet