“Arts and culture, such as music, dance and theatre, can play an important role throughout life in supporting people to be healthier and happier. From community projects to arts therapies in clinical settings across the country, evidence-based arts interventions are making a positive difference to people‚Äôs health and wellbeing.” Duncan Selbie, Chief Executive of Public Health England

Parallel Session Block 3B

Wednesday 23rd June,  10:00 – 10:50  

Parallel Session Block 3B

The 3B Parallel Session Block has a choice of 8 break-out sessions to choose from. For Speaker Biographies, please go to Airmeet:


3B1 Workshop: What is the meaning of a moment? Moments-based approaches for people living with dementia.

Have you heard someone say they got ‘lost in the moment’ during a live cultural experience? What does it mean to be ‘in the moment’ and how can it help us understand the impact of music on a person living with dementia? This workshop will explore a pioneering moments-based approach (Keady et al., 2020) and the experiences of people living with dementia when they engage with music. With Manchester Camerata’s Music in Mind programme as a case study, we will share examples of practice and research.

Robyn Dowlen

Emma Arnold

Helena Bull

Amina Hussain

3B2 Country Panel: Hong Kong

In this panel, you will hear about the latest developments in arts and health in Hong Kong from key figures in research, policy and practice. Professor Rainbow Ho is a researcher, therapist, professor and performing artist, The Hon Bernard Charnwut Chan is a deputy to the National People’s Congress of China, and Heidi Lee is the Executive Director of Hong Kong Ballet. Chaired by Helen So from the Arts Innovation team at Our Hong Kong Foundation, the largest public policy think tank in Hong Kong.

Heidi Lee

Professor Rainbow Ho

Ms Helen So

The Hon. Bernard Charnwut Chan

3B3 Workshop: Crafting "Lived experience" as the expert

The Listening to Voices Theatre performance project places the lived experience of people as advocates for changing community and system responses to mental health issues. Members of the project will perform live monologues about living with a mental health diagnosis and navigating the mental health system in response to the question “If someone would listen, really listen, what would you want to say”. This will be a powerful experience for workshop participants touching on challenging topics.

Catherine Simmonds

Ben Pearson

Kate Fiske

Jain Thompson

3B4 Panel: Making arts-and-health programmes available to everyone who needs them

This panel will explore the concept of ‘universal personalised care’ and the current and potential roles of the arts, with practical examples such as Dance for Parkinson’s in Denmark and Aesop’s Dance to Health, the UK falls prevention dance programme. We’ll discuss how operating at this scale needs to be underpinned by its own evidence base, covering nine aspects including health improvement, cost-effectiveness from a health system’s perspective and guaranteeing an adequate supply of artists.

Tim Joss

James Sanderson

Professor Kevin Fenton

Dafna Merom

3B5 Practice: Community development, communication and consultation

Multiverse Lab: Shaping the future of health research through digital arts collaboration: Unfolding Theatre’s work with health research partners in North East England.

Annie Rigby Photovoice Social Communication Group: addressing the social determinants of health at the Calvary Health Care Bethlehem in Melbourne, Australia.

Nicole Jackson Darzi Seeds of Change Project for the people by the people: exploring system level interventions that redress health and social inequalities. Meera Kapadia

Annie Rigby

Meera Kapadia

Nicole Jackson

3B6 Practice: Digital and non-digital work with older people

The Mary Lou Revue's Bedside Cabaret, an immersive, person centred, vintage cabaret interactive performance for older people and those with dementia in care settings.

Reaching non-digital isolated individuals with a bespoke creative well-being programme, Celebrating Age Wiltshire’s health and wellbeing project for vulnerable older people.

Music on Wards: Dancing Queen goes online, Flourish Arts in Health: Home from Hospital project for older patients with dementia in North Oxfordshire Hospitals.

Marie-Louise and Steven

Rebecca Seymour

Kate Wilkinson

Maria Pasiecznik Parsons

3B7 Workshop: How might creative enquiry facilitate human flourishing in medical education?

COVID-19 has been a time of great loss and challenge, not least in medicine, and may have compounded burnout amongst medical students. Research into burnout calls for opportunities for personal engagement and emotional expression. This workshop will explore how creative enquiry: reflective engagement with lived experience through the arts, drawing on concepts such as vulnerable leadership and boundaries, can develop understanding and broaden approaches towards student or clinician wellbeing.

Louise Younie

3B8 Panel: Self-Care and the Collective

There is clearly a need for self-care in a culture where stress and burnout were already significant causes of poor health prior to COVID-19. This round table will examine how research can help us understand the impact of arts and health practice on our work; self-care as a mechanism of change; CPD, peer support and supervision in collective notions of self-care; and the role of creativity in supporting self-care. Chaired by Jane Willis, with creative practitioners from a range of perspectives.

Julia Puebla Fortier

Nicola Naismith

Daniel Regan

Philippa Forsey

Jane Willis

For Speaker Biographies, please go to Airmeet