“What an amazing and wonderful and special conference you have organised and delivered. A real privilege to be there today to see such calibre and commitment to health and wellbeing from all your colleagues – inspirational!” Previous conference delegate.

Parallel Session Block 3C

Wednesday 23rd June,  11:30 – 12:20 

Parallel Session Block 3C

The 3C Parallel Session Block has a choice of 8 break-out sessions to choose from. For Speaker Biographies, please go to Airmeet:



3C1 Practice: Partnerships and place-based work in the UK and Flanders

Cultural heritage and wellbeing in Flanders, a grassroots approach: FARO, the Flemish interface centre for cultural heritage, with heritage, health care, social and third sector partners.

Health and Wellbeing in Kirklees Year of Music 2023: a partnership between Kirklees Metropolitan Borough Council and Hoot Creative Arts.

NHS Tessa Jowell Health Centre and Dulwich Picture Gallery Case Study: exploring scale and structures in embedding a creativity and health strategy in a hyper local context.

Bart de Nil

Jane Findlay

Gavin Clayton

3C2 Research and Practice: Culture, Health and Wellbeing structures and networks in England


Exploring tensions of inequality, power and sustainability in a locally-routed arts and health network: Leeds Arts, Health & Wellbeing Network.

Exploring the culture, health and wellbeing landscape of the UK and the experience of freelance creative professionals and delivery organisations during COVID-19: Culture, Health & Wellbeing Alliance.


Navigating power, resources and structural complexity in cross sectoral collaborations in arts, health and wellbeing. Fortier, J. P.

Julia Puebla Fortier

Arthur Stafford

Dr Julia Boot

Nick Ponsillo

Carmel Langstaff

3C3 Research and Practice: Children and Young People


Online arts-based educational resources for children in hospital: The Rocket-Arts project in response to COVID-19. Sextou, P.

Digital storytelling and Applied Theatre for Young People with JIA: Invisible Disability, Transition, and Performing Health. Woolf, A.


Brave Art: Edinburgh Children’s Hospital’s Charity’s project which aims to engage young people with mental health conditions, teach them new art techniques and give them some control in an environment where they have none.

Professor Persephone Sextou

Fiona O'Sullivan

Catriona McIntyre

Anna Woolf

3C4 Panel: Re-imagining connection and community through hospital arts during a pandemic and beyond

CW+ is the charity for Chelsea and Westminster NHS Foundation Trust. During the pandemic, its Arts for All programme was transformed into Virtual Connections, a new online programme of arts experiences and performances, delivered through videos that have been created by a team of regularly contributing artists and partner organisations. In this panel, you will hear about Virtual Connections, the Chelwest Singers staff choir, and Community Bridge, which supports recently discharged older local residents to stay well in their communities and live independently.

Andrew Hall

Natasha Lohan

Karen Gray

Christina Peumalu

3C5 Workshop: The Women's Role: A theatre workshop exploring implicit gender bias in healthcare practice

This is a theatre-based workshop that aims to create conversations about implicit gender bias, both individual and institutional. Gender Bias is an under-researched area of medical practice, and its effects are seen from waiting times for a heart attack, to discrepancies in management of pain. Based on a theatre-based workshop developed while at medical school, this workshop will support participants to feel comfortable sharing their own experiences and talking about biases.

Grace Catchpole

3C6 Practice: Dance and wellbeing

Dance and Virtual Reality as physiotherapy tools: CoDa Dance’s unique delivery model for neurodisabled people in the Royal Hospital for Neurodisability. The Practice and Outcomes of Move Dance Feel Online: dance for women living with and beyond cancer. Sharing practice and outcomes. Contemporary dancing, embodied practices and wellbeing during digital times: how knowledge produced through self-care with somatics can be applied to dance and other artforms.

Zjana Muraro

Emily Jenkins

Elise Philips

Nikki Watson

3C7 Workshop: Bridges to Health

This workshop considers inclusion and exclusion. In lockdown, many came to understand that trauma is carried inside us. The pandemic may be a call-to-change our ideas. Health comes through the dynamic and conscious movement between all polarities. It’s in learning to breathe between illness and wellness, that we are ‘stretched’ and ‘danced’ to move towards overall health. With practical activity, participants will reflect on personal and social questions in response to their own art-making.

Nisha Halai

3C8 Research and Practice: Museums and Health in China, UK and India


How can creative museum-based learning activities improve children’s wellbeing in the Chinese context? Jiang, Y.


Catching Breath: A mindful hour of art and breath. Exploring the development of art and wellbeing workshops by the Anaesthesia Museum, working with anaesthetists during the pandemic. Caroline Hamson

Hope and Well-being, relevance of museums for diverse audiences. Poornima Sardana 

Yanrong Jiang

Caroline Hamson

Poornima Sardana

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